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Jennifer & Colby

What's this?

A stream passes under a picnic table

Creek behind our RV

That's our RV in the background

Creek alongside the entrance road

Everything is green!

Office through those trees

Our rig in the "Rainforest"

That's the back of our rig on the left

Yesterday we had more rain but the rain stopped late in the morning and the sky lightened. We even saw the sun for a short time, peeking out from between the clouds. The temperature remained cool as a cold front passed through. There was quite a bit of wind but we are down in this valley and the wind had very little effect on us.

I walked around the campground after the rain stopped, taking pictures to post for you.

Jennifer drove in to spend some time with us. We could spend time with Colby while Jennifer studied for another test on her quest to become an RN.

We had a meal which is one of Jennifer’s favorites. It is cube steak cooked in a sauce of cream of mushroom soup and onion soup mix, then poured over the top of mashed potatoes.

Marilyn & I ate the leftovers for dinner. We then watched some TV and went to bed to read for awhile.

It was a terrible night for me. I awoke at 1:15 AM, then couldn’t seem to go back to sleep. Around 3:30, I was still awake and remembered that I had not unplugged the 12v cooler outdoors. Since the temperature was quite cool, I lay in bed worrying about things in the cooler freezing. OK, nothing to do but get out of the warm bed, go outdoors and unplug the cooler. I was back in bed a few minutes later but was even more awake, thanks to the brisk temperature. I told myself that we had to get up in only a couple of hours. That worked well? Ha!

I did doze off at some point and when I opened my eyes, I noticed the clock was blinking. I got out of bed and looked at my watch. Six AM! We had only 25 minutes before we had to leave to drive to the hospital to meet Jennifer and Colby, since we were babysitting today.

I felt somewhat like a zombie until after my first cup of coffee.

So, here we are. I have pictures from yesterday to post for you, so I had better get busy.

Yesterday was a good day, I had a lousy night but, as always, I just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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