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OK God, you can turn off the faucet now! It seems to us that we have had nothing but rain ever since we approached Topeka, Kansas on the way to Missouri. It rained on us as we set up our rig in Topeka, It rained as our company visited from Wichita, as we drove to dinner, and all the way back to the RV. It rained on us as we left to drive to Liberty, MO to have repairs done on the RV.

We had a nice day to drive back to Hannibal and to get all set up here, but it has rained since that time. This morning we awoke to rain pouring from the skies again. This makes 11 of the past 12 days we have had rain. The pleasant sound of pitter patter on our roof has turned into an irritation. 

We are now getting the remnants of Ike. Well, Ike has worn out his welcome.

Yesterday, Marilyn & I had our morning coffee indoors, of course. We then drove to town to have new business cards printed up, only to discover that the print shop was closed on Saturday.

We then drove to the grocery store and the video store, which are next to each other in a small mall.

Marilyn shopped for groceries while I selected videos for us to watch. We brought home groceries for a few days and four DVDs. It would be another day inside watching movies on our TV.

Before we started on anything we called our friend, Gilbert, who is in Canada. He & Louise have purchased a home about five miles from the one they sold. He is having surgery soon and they will not be able to spend the winter in the valley with the rest of us. Gilbert is very much the “Life of the Party” and will be sorely missed, as the rest of us play and travel together. Please keep Gilbert & Louise in your prayers.

Ted & Sue will be there, as will Heinz & Irene, along with Carl & Linda and Gordon & Juanita. Marilyn & I will have other friends nearby also, as they stay in other RV resorts in the valley. Other friends will visit for a shorter time such as a week to a month. It will be a wonderful winter once again!

Jennifer & Colby drove into town in the rain yesterday. That brought a little sunshine into our lives. I carried Colby inside and was allowed to feed him and play with him for an hour or so. He is just so cute! I will have to keep some vanilla ice cream in the freezer for Colby. That was a tradition in our family. The grandparents always had ice cream for the grandkids. Of course for Colby, we have to wait for him to get old enough to eat that cold treat.

Marilyn & I went to bed around 10:00 PM last night, read for awhile and soon turned off the light and fell asleep to the sound of rain on the roof.

Yesterday was a wet, lazy day and it is still raining this morning. Marilyn has coffee on and we will soon turn on the fireplace and put some lively music on the sound system. Church is at 10:00 AM and Jennifer is coming in later today to attend a visitation for the sister of one of my friends.

In spite of the plans we have for the day, we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

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