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Yesterday we were awakened at 3:30 AM with rain pounding on the roof. We both went back to sleep and the rain had slackened by the time we rolled out of bed.

We had our morning coffee, posted the journal entry, read the journals of friends around the country, and then began our morning chores.

Marilyn cleaned the inside of the rig while I contacted people by cell phone. I then replaced the fireplace switch with one sent to me by Doubletree. The heater on our fireplace now works just fine. I have tried to get a footrest release cable for Marilyn’s recliner but have to wait until Monday to speak with the proper person.

I have decided to ask the local RV dealer to order the slide out topper for us, as they will install it when it comes in.

The rain continued all day today. At times it was heavy, pouring from the sky, and at other times light enough to walk around without getting wet.

Marilyn & I decided to watch a movie in the afternoon. We selected “Gone with the Wind”. That is a classic movie which we had not seen for some time, and we enjoyed it. Marilyn popped popcorn and I brought cold drinks in from the 12v cooler.

It was a fun way to enjoy our time together on a rainy day.

I realize that we haven’t posted pictures for a few days so we plan to post this entry at McDonalds where we will have a good Wi-Fi signal. If you see pictures attached to this journal entry you will know that we were successful.

One more thing I will mention is that I wrote nothing about 9/11 yesterday. That was not because I didn’t think about it. In fact we watched the replay of the 9/11 events on TV. The issue with me is that I felt the same feelings as I did seven years ago, when I came out of a flight simulator to be told immediately to go to the break room and see the TV.

Many of my fellow instructors and clients stood silently watching the burning tower. As we watched and listened, we all saw the second aircraft strike the second tower. My immediate thought….”We are at war”!!!

My feelings were anger, intense rage, and a desire to “Go get the Ba….ds”!

I wrote a letter to the President offering to fly border patrol or to serve in any capacity which would help our country.

I guess they didn’t need any old men, but there are many of us out there who would volunteer in a heartbeat if we were needed.

So, yesterday we spent a very relaxing day, inside our RV. We had home made beef vegetable soup, ice cream with fried peaches on top, popcorn and soft drinks.

We had an enjoyable day and look forward to this day. The people of the gulf coast and our winter home in Texas are in our prayers today.

Ever optimistic, you know me, I just can’t wait to see what this day has in store……

Now, let’s see if I can get a few pictures of Colby on here for you. If you don’t see them right away, be sure to check back.

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