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Yesterday we awoke to rain pouring from the sky. I enjoy the sound of raindrops tapping on our roof but pounding, relentless rain is not welcome.

Being here in Hannibal to be near family is the only place we stay where I don't feel the freedom to just move on whenever we get the "hitch itch" urge.

Marilyn & I had one cup of our morning coffee and then scurried out to the truck to drive to the hospital to meet Jennifer and Colby.

The rain had slowed to a steady light rain by the time we reached the hospital. We hugged Jen and gave her a kiss before bringing her car back to the campground. She asked us to drop off a DVD at Blockbuster for her so we made that little detour, then stopped at McDonalds to pick up a sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle sandwich.

The rain had stopped by the time we reached the campground, but we were quick to get Colby inside before it began again.

Once inside we played with Colby and had a second cup of coffee with our sandwich.

I took a shower and dressed in my "Cave Guide" suit, planning to lead a tour of Cameron Cave. I guess the rain caused the group to back out on the tour because they called to say they were not coming. OK, change back into a clean pair of old jeans and a sweat shirt.

I played with Colby while Marilyn took her shower and then I began slicing some fresh peaches I had purchased at the Farmer's Market. I cooked the peaches in butter, brown sugar, and a bit of cinnamon. They were delicious and I planned to use them as a topping for the vanilla ice cream we had in the freezer.

Once I had finished the peaches, I started on beef vegetable soup. By the time the soup was simmering on the stove, the rain had stopped and the temperatures outdoors had risen dramatically. It was now warm and steamy outdoors. Not exactly soup weather!

Late in the afternoon, we finally turned on the A/C to take the humidity out of the air.

We returned Colby at 7:30 PM and gave him and his Mom hugs before saying goodbye and cautioning Jen to be careful driving home because of the fog.

Marilyn & I sat indoors listening to the rain, eating some soup, and watching "Big Brother", which we had recorded.

I went to bed around 10:00 and read for awhile before dropping off to sleep.

It rained hard during the night and is still raining this morning.

We don't care! We are all cozy and comfy inside our little home.

Yesterday was a good day and we just can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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