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Dolphins play around our boat !

Our favourite beach, Praia de Leao

A good view of the beaches

Watching a surfing competition

Sunset on the beach

Fernando de Noronha - a paradise island about 400km off the coast of Natal. 17 square kilometres in size and full of wildlife, being environmentally protected. We had been told so much about this island and we had been getting excited about going. We were transported in a little propeller airplane and transfered to our Pousada (Floresta e Mar), arriving at about lunchtime. In the afternoon we had a little walk around and went to our contact on the island to book tours and diving. In the evening we ate at a creperie which did a fantastic banana split !

We had to get up early the next day, so we had breakfast at 7am (a great breakie of fruit, bread, croissants, yoghurt, ham, cheese...) and Monica was then picked up to go diving.

The diving was amazing, on her first dive she saw 4 turtles and on her second dive she saw 3 sharks (two different types) and they went into a cave underwater. There were lots of different types of fish to see and the water was extremly clear with great visibility.

As Nick can't dive (Asthma) he decided to have a surf lesson. The instructor was excellent and by the end he was managing to catch a green water wave and stay on the board for a while !!

In the afternoon we went on a boat trip down one side of the island. We had dolphins swimming around the boat and jumping out of the water and had a great view of all the beaches. We also went snorkelling around some coral and were lucky enough to see a turtle swimming along. The water was amazingly clear and blue, great for snorkelling.

In the evening we met up with an Austrian couple that Monica had been diving with. We had a bad pizza and a few drinks with them !

The following day we had a lie in and then took a buggy to the harbour. The island mostly has buggies as transport (even the police) and they are great fun. We had a guide and we trekked along the coast of the island. We visited two natural water pools where we snorkelled. There were loads of fish, a conga eel and a huge crab. The guide was good at finding all the different types of fish and pointing them out to us. We then continued walking in the sweltering heat to praia de Atalia which is the most famous natural pool on the island. Again we went snorkelling and saw more fish, but we thought the other pools that we had been to were better.

In the evening we had a buggy delivered to us. We had decided to hire one for 24 hrs to have a look at the island. We had met an English couple earlier that day (Tom and Nadine) and we picked them up in our mean machine and had dinner at an Italian restaurant (good food).

There is a bay off the island where dolphins come in every morning at about 6am. We got up extremely early, picked up Tom and Nadine and set off for the bay. After stumbling down a track in the pitch black we reached the cliff and sat and waited (while being bitten my mosquito's !). At about 6.30am the dolphines appeared, hundreds of them swimming in, and doing flips out of the water. It was an amazing site to see, all these dolphins swimming into the bay. We went back to our Pousada for breakfast (couldn't miss that !!) and then went to Sueste bay where the turtles feed. We went snorkelling, looking for the turtles but didn't see any ! (visibility wasn't great as this was there feeding ground) Nick saw a shark swimming in front of him though which made it worth while.

We then drove the buggy around the island stopping at the various beaches, our favourite being praia de Leao. White sand, huge rocks off the coast and turqouise waters, with very few people,.... who could ask for more? We visited all the other beaches and a fort druring the day. Later we sat and watched a surfing competition. The waves were huge and we were amazed how some of the surfers stayed on the board.

We had a final drive around the island in our buggy as we had put too much petrol in it. Lots of people hitch hike so we picked up people as we went around the island. When it was time to give the buggy back we were told to just leave it outside our Pousada with the keys in the ignition !! No-one would steal it as where could they take it !!!!

We went back to the Creperie in the evening and had dinner with the Roger and Simone which was nice.

Our final day on the island was supposed to be spent kayaking but the sea was too rough so instead we caught a ride to our favourite beach and got some sun. We had the beach to ourselves for at least two hours, it was sooo nice !

We sadly said goodbye to Fernando de Noronha and took the 5.30pm flight back to Natal. Another highlight of our trip so far, such an unspoilt island being so beautiful.

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