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Diamond Lil anchored in beautiful Texan Bay


Watching the boats roll in





Sherrie, the birthday girl

The Captain enjoying Sherrie's birhday party

Steel Magnolia, owned by Roy McNett, editor of the Rio Dulce Chisme...




Decorating for the 30th anniversary party

Mike and Sherrie

Looks like a Texas Bull disco ball??????

There were many cakes at this party


Swimming in the rain which was much cooler than the water, high...

These little swallows love to sit on the rails, especially in the...

Kids decorating for the girl in the purple shirt's 15th birthday party,...


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Our trip to Texan Bay

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Exploring by dingy

Leaving the dock at Bruno's and the noise and choppy, neverending wake of Fronteras and cruising to Texan Bay reminded me of the old days when I used to fly home along the 407 and 404 from Brampton to Keswick and take off in the boat to Lake Simcoe on the weekend. We had to actually think ahead and shop and plan as opposed to just stepping off and wandering into town every time we need something. It felt great to get away.

The engines need to be run every once in a while and it had been over 3 months. I don't know who was happier, me or Diamond Lil? She loves it when we go somewhere and anchor, I can tell. She loves it when I clean and scrub her and man she has a lot of places where dirt collects.

Texan Bay was so peaceful and quiet and private, a place where an old girl like me can wear nothing but a bikini and not feel like a spectacle. I'm afraid that there is a 20 year old spirit trapped in this old body. Well at Texan Bay there was nobody to see so I could scrub and shine and dive into the water whenever I got hot which was about every 15 minutes. We swam and swam and at night we skinny dipped. I avoided the question of when I wanted to come back because I just plain didn't want to come back. We had to eventually, of course, all good things must come to an end but I was severely depressed the first few days back.

The crowd was fun and included several people that we know, some from Bruno's, some from Mario's and other marinas, people we have gotten to know over the last 2 seasons. We met Sherrie and Mike who are a couple of characters from Texas (surprise)and also some other people from the Rio. We celebrated Sherrie's birthday the first night we were there and their 30th anniversary the next night. Since it was our anniversary 3 days later, it seemed like an appropriate time to get away and I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it. The water was totally still and the only sounds we could hear were birds and jungle creatures, soft, muffled voices coming from the marina and the odd boat.

We enjoyed exploring in the dingy and really appreciate it after having our motor on the blink for 3 months. We were able to go river exploring, one of our favourite things to do. When we shut the motor off the jungle sounds are amazing, nature's symphony.

Guatemala celebrated it's Independence day on Sept 15th, this past Monday, starting on the Friday before. It is the busiest we have ever seen it and we actually had tourists swimming up to and climbing on to our boat. John came flying back from the restaurant where he was drinking coffee with the old men's club one morning because I was sleeping and would have had a fit if I woke up and looked and saw someone on the boat. They were just kids, big ones mind you but they meant no harm. They just don't have the same ideas of privacy as we do. Steve, the manager here came running over behind him, just dying to shoot his gun into the air but John insisted that he didn't. "She's crabby enough when she wakes up in the morning", he thought to himself "without waking to gunshot right outside the boat". It was a good call.

We survived the weekend and now it's back to the normal hustle and bustle. Like Mike said one day when we sat chatting with everyone "When you want to get away from the big city, come and enjoy some quiet country living". I'm really looking forward to the next time we do just that!

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