Downtown Stewart, B.C. Look At Those Glaciers!

Jerry Checking Out The Town

Great Halibut Burgers Here

Notice The Moose? ;-)

Lots Of Logging

Another View

Portland Canal Stewart

Another View Portland Canal

Lots Of Floating Houses

A Day Trip To Hyder, Alaska

Nice Gift Shop

A View Of The Town

A Very Old Church

Glacier Inn

The Walls Inside Were Covered With Canadian Dollars

The General Store

This One Was Closed Because It Was Sunday

Kathy's B&B

Border Bandit General....Notice The Population! :-)

Post Office Hyder, Alaska

Cool Shape

Camp Run - A - Muck

Beautiful Glacial Waters

Entrance Fish Creek Bear Viewing

The Walk To View The Bears

Crystal Clear Spawning Stream

Chum Salmon

Jerry Looking For The Bears :-)

A Few Chum Salmon In The Water

Old Mine On The Way To Salmon Glacier

The Toe Of The Glacier

The Summit Of Salmon Glacier

Side View Of The Layers

It Was Massive & Awesome!

Beautiful Blue Pool Of Water On The Way Back

The Blue Color Up Close

Glacial Melt & Waterfalls

More Awesome Views

Waterfalls Everywhere

Last One!

Back To Customs & Stewart!

Today we decided to do the driving tour to Hyder and Salmon Glacier. We are still staying in Stewart, B.C. The drive to Hyder is just across the border about 3 miles. When you drive into Hyder there is no border inspection. When you come back into Canada you have to have your passports, but it was a fast and easy re-entry. Hyder is a very small town from the early 20's. It is mostly a ghost town, but it does have a few nice gift shops etc.. One unusual store had Canadian dollar bills pasted all over the walls. We visited on Sunday so a few of the stores were closed. We loved this unusual little town and hope you enjoy all the pictures we took to show you. They have a nice campground called Camp Run-A-Munk for those who want to be close to Hyder for the bear viewing etc.

We were very disappointed with the bear viewing at Fish Creek. The ranger told us this has been a very bad year for the bears. The Pink Salmon never made it in this year. There are few Chum Salmon in the streams now, but nothing like the usual. We heard later that one large bear has showed up, so hopefully it is getting better. Oh well! We certainly saw our share of bears in Valdez. We left the bear viewing area and drove on down the long road to Salmon Glacier. What a drop-dead gorgeous drive!! Not a road for your motorhome. It is all gravel and bumpy but the scenery was awesome!

When we got to the glacier it started raining. :-( My pictures had to be taken through the wet windshield so they are not nearly as good as I had wished for. I hope they will at least give you an idea of this fabulous HUGE glacier. We have seen a lot of glaciers but this one takes the prize. It is the fifth largest in Canada and the most fantastic one we have ever seen. Don't miss Hyder or this glacier if you have the opportunity to see them. More later from the Cassiar Highway.

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