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"Old" Home Place

"Old, Old" Home Place

Visiting Morrilton This was another day of reminiscing for Kay. After our morning cappuccino and French press coffees, reading the Sunday newspaper, and a walk around the campground, we drove into Morrilton for Kay to “visit” her old neighborhoods and houses. On the way, we searched out the Corps of Engineers Sequoya Campground. It was near the lock and dam, with only 2 occupants, one of which was the campground host. Some of the sites had been sparingly mowed while all were in a significant state of disrepair. This park should be closed with some savings in our taxes.

Old Neighborhoods After this disappointment, we drove the final leg into Morrilton. It must have been weird for Kay to return "home" with all the memories from childhood and early adulthood flooding back. The houses she lived in are still there,

but the old high school is gone with nothing but a vacant field left. Her churches are there as well, and dismissing before 12 o’clock noon! She pointed out former friends’ and teachers’ houses as we drove about town. We drove to the Lauxes to say hello, and both looked young to be 87. The Lauxes are the parents of Kay’s sister’s husband, and my good friend, George.

Another Hard-to-Find USACE Campground After the reminiscing, we tried to find the Corps of Engineers Cherokee Campground. After many miles through the back streets of Morrilton, we finally found the gravel road to the campground. Traffic was non-existent, and this is another campground that can be closed. (It wouldn’t do for me to return to work for the Corps armed with the knowledge of being a retiree, user of lakes and tailwaters, and camper the last four years. There are so many ways operations money could be better put to use. I’d recommend closing a lot of the parks, eliminating a bunch of jobs through attrition, and putting the money in parks with actual visitors! Oh well, I better get off this path.)

Sunday Football After a lunch at KFC, it was back to Petit Jean State Park for Sunday afternoon football. After connecting and disconnecting both the satellite and antenna cables numerous times with the screw-type connector, we switched to the fast connectors purchased at Radio Shack. WOW, does it ever speed the switch. But I regress… Between games, we took a long stroll to the park’s boat house and lake spillway (would include photos, but the camera battery is depleted). The weather has warmed considerably to the high 80s, so we worked up a good sweat. Kay worked on homework, and I watched football. We tried to sit outside and eat dinner but the bugs almost carried us away, despite the Thermocell repellent machine. It was another early night.

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