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Bob is letting the journal entry up to Judy today so here goes folks!

We left Stanton, Mo. this morning around 9 am and drove route 44 to Terre Haute a distance of 231 miles. We saw the St. Louis arch "Gateway to the West. We changed our minds about staying at Thousand Trails in Clinton and instead drove to Terre Haute, Indiana.

Our time has now changed to Eastern Time so getting used to it will take a while if and when that ever happens.

Bob stopped at a place to get deisel. I was hungry for bratwurst today for lunch, (yesterday it was chicken). While Bob was pumping I went inside and low and behold they're they were rolling around on the grill. We payed a little more for the deisel it was $4.09. While there Bob decided to weight truck and RV together as the scales were not a bit busy. We weighed in at 29,480 lbs. and we were glad we were under 30k. So Bob is a "Happy Camper" getting rid of those 2 big chairs that came with the rig may have helped.

We may have some rain in tomorrows forcast but today it was a pleasant cool day driving and most of all a safe one.

The donkeys are braying every time they hear a fire truck going and our dogs just stick up they're ears wondering what that strange sound is. It should be an interesting night here!

Till tomorrow.

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