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Colby enjoying life

We think he is beginning to cut his teeth

He sure is a happy little guy

Here's another one

One more

Colby loves to be outdoors

Grandpa likes to play with Colby, too!

Look at this happy little guy

It is a rare thing for me to write two journal entries on the same day. However, here at the Campground we have very slow Wi-Fi service, which makes it nearly impossible for an impatient person like myself to post the pictures we have taken.

So this second entry today is simply to post pictures.

One thing I forgot to mention in my other journel entry is the fact that we have many e-mails and messages to answer. I am using the same excuse as for the pictures to procrastinate on getting those e-mails and messages answered.

I promise that within one week, I will get to that job!

As for now, please enjoy the pictures of this fine looking grandson.

I would like to say that he looks like his grandpa but I have dark brown eyes and thin, gray hair which used to be very thick and dark brown, almost black.

Colby has blond hair and deep blue eyes, just like his Mom, both grandmas, and his Dad.

I guess Al & I have been left out. :)

Tomorrow we plan to spend most of the day with Kit & Jerry, showing them around our old stomping grounds.

Ok, OK, here come the pictures.....

P.S. I confess, there are more pictures but I forgot to download them from the camera. My Bad!!

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