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Yesterday began with Marilyn saying to me, “Honey, it’s a quarter after six”.

We had to meet Jennifer and Colby at the hospital in 30 minutes. “Let’s get going!”

I was still feeling sleepy, unshaven, unshowered, and needing a haircut, as we went out the door. At least I was dressed.

Let’s get Colby and we’ll take care of the rest later.

We greeted Jennifer and Colby with hugs and kisses in the Hospital parking lot.

We would have fun today!

Once we were back in our little home on wheels, I drank my morning coffee as Marilyn played with Colby. I tried to post some pictures from the day before, but the wi-fi service here is very slow and it is practically impossible to download a large file such as pictures.

I promise all of you that I will take the laptop to McDonalds and use their wi-fi to upload pictures for you.

Later in the morning I went to town to get a haircut. Looking much neater, I then went shopping for groceries.

I stopped at the farmer’s market to purchase some fresh apples and fresh peaches.

Back at the RV we took Colby for a walk. He loves to be outdoors! He also never meets a stranger. Our friends, Kit & Jerry who are visiting from Brackettville, Texas, had him laughing out loud. They loved Colby’s blond hair and deep blue eyes. Of course we love those too! 

The time went fast, and Marilyn & I enjoyed playing with Colby. We had him on our bed, between us. We would roll him back and forth between us and he would laugh and giggle. He is such a delight.

Kit and Jerry had stopped by but they left to get something to eat, promising to return later, which they did. I took advantage of this time to take a shower and put on clean clothing.

We visited with these good people as Colby interacted with all of us.

Soon it was time to take Colby to meet his Mom as she was getting off work.

Marilyn & I had time to play with him for a few minutes more before Jennifer came out of the building.

I realize that this journal entry is all about Colby but I know you will understand. We had fun today and our place seems unusually quiet now. That’s ok because we will have him here again tomorrow and we’ll be having a good time.

Yesterday was a good day and we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store……

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