Look At This Paved Road With Center Lines!

Airport In The Boondocks Called Bob Quinn

We Did Have One Rough Detour

Back To The Good Roads.....Yeah!

Bell Lodge ... All We Saw Between Iskut & Stewart

Our Second Bear Of The Day :-)

Nice Information Signs At Rest Areas

These Were Called Hanging Glaciers, Three Of Them!

Awesome Bear Glacier!

The Movie "Insomnia" Was Filmed Here

Bear Glacier Closeup

Our Campsite Bear River RV Stewart

View From Our Campsite

Today we drove another 200 miles from Iskut to Stewart, B.C. What a spectacular drive it was! It looks a lot like the huge mountains of Valdez on the way. We passed awesome glaciers, massive mountains, falls, and lakes.... everywhere. Just when we think it can't get any does! We saw two bears on the way. I was able to get a good shot of one of them. The other was running too fast.

The only place we passed in the whole 200 miles was a place called Bell Lodge. We did see a plane look like it was landing in the road in front of us. It was actually an airport in the middle of no-where. We thought the plane was about to crash land and then we saw the airport. ;-) What a strange place for an airport.

We could not believe all the fabulous glaciers on the way. You just have to pull over at rest areas to see them. One is called Bear Glacier and it was fabulous. The movie "Insomnia" was filmed here. We will be resting up in the Stewart area. We have been doing a lot of driving and it's time for a break.

We plan to visit Hyder, Alaska next and view the bears and Salmon Glacier. More later from Stewart, B.C.

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