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Guarding the power cable

Military checkpoint

Narrow roads, no shoulders, with sharp drop offs

Chris & Anne

Im actually trying to update the blog from memory. (No comments…!!!) as we have been on the road for long days I havnt felt much like typing once we get set up for the nite.

I will try and update it more frequently as its much easier on the memory…(especially after having beer)

We will be arriving in Loreto this pm.

Highlite of the day today was going thru a military checkpoint. The soldier jumped on board and asked the usual…. do you have any guns or drugs….he then went into the bedroom and asked me to follow….once out of earshot of his partner he asked if we had any batteries. I asked what kind and how many, and he left with 3 AA batteries for his walkman.

The cost of travel in Mexico…..!!!!

Anne got quite a surprise this morning. We were doing some cleaning up in Roo when the power went out. Anne went out to check the plug in and the breaker (Mexican power !) and came running back to Roo. Apparently a small rattle snake had decided to curl up on the cement pad that the power/water/sewer connector was in and was guarding our plug in. Those of you who know anne, know she is deathly afraid of snakes (and that’s putting it mildly)….

After breakfast (and some minor fix its to Jacks rig……the jacks wouldn’t come up Ill let him tell that story) the snake had gone, and we were on the road.

We arrived in Loreto to 34 degree heat and humidity that will put Toronto to shame.

Jack and I tried without luck to get good enough power to run the a/c units and had no luck.

I had read about Mexican power before we left, and had bought all the gadgets to check before we plug in. So far they have been worth their weight in gold as we have found ungrounded plugs, no power at plugs, and like today once we plug in we can only get 90 volts.

Oh well its gonna be a hot nite.

Im sure glad at one of the Camping world stops we bought a portable fantastic fan. This thing blows so much air Im thinking of strapping it to the back of Roo and use it as a turbo boost to get us back up some of the hills.

Jack and Rose

Drove from Guerro Negro to Loreto. Interesting trip seems that every 50 miles or so the scenery changes. From scrub brush to cactus to joshua trees and cierro

trees (funny looking things long bare trunks with a bush on the top). The road continued to be everything we expected mostly narrow. Went through several military check points. We were lucky with one he spoke some english most didn’t. All they did was peek in a couple of cupboards and let us continue.

The hill into Santa Rosalia was step had to gear down to first and chug down not to bad all in all. From Mulege to Loreto there were a lost of washouts,

apparently they had quite the rain storm come thru a week or so before. We would be going along nicely and then a hard brake and go over the rocks and gravel they used

to fill in the wash out.

Got to Norma's and set up did not take to long to realize she does not have the power for her house and two rigs, blew the circuit breaker on the main.

We had a warm night sleep.

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