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Shopping in San Quintin


Chris & Anne

Another day on the road today. Left the beach, (kicking and screaming…although the gang promises we will stop here again on the way back.

Not much to report today, just narrow roads and hot. We crossed into Baja South today at which point we were ‘agriculturally sprayed”, chgd $2 for the privilege and carried on.

Jack and Rose

Left San Quin Tin this morning at 9:00,yes Chris got his way again this morning and we didn’t leave early. It was slow going for the first while as I decided not to take pills today!! Bad mistake!! As well as having no shoulders most of this road has large drop-offs where the shoulder should be-Jack will get over all the moaning from the passengers side. After a very long day 9-5:30 we arrived at the north/south Baja border. Here they charged us 2 dollars, looked through the moho and then

sprayed the whole underside of the moho and car and we went to the r.v. park 1 km down the road. Marios was a place Wilf and Lorraine told us about. Turned out to be just fine-we were the only ones in this huge park-other than the mexican campers sleeping on the ground.

We decided to eat at home so had quesadillas and bacon and eggs-it was great. Please note that Chris did not get to drink beer till 5:30 today!!

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