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Chris & Anne

Seems we were all up kinda early today…especially since we had gone thru a time zone change the day before and no one realized it…..I had to get it on record that I was up once more prior to 7am…..when it was really 8am….

We walked from the RV site to a local restaurant and had breakfast. We then unhitched from the RV park and headed south.

We gassed up at the Pemex station before leaving Ensenada…..$0.70/l……

Note: Kevin….we can afford to fill up our rigs here….LOL……

After leaving Ensenada, we left the toll hwy and were on the old Mex 1…..and what a road it is…..very narrow, windy, and no shoulder. After the first hour we made a stop and Rose had to take a valium and a shot of Tequila as she has decided she hates this road.

As we had been warned the speed limits and speed bumps make no sense, but you have to keep an eye on them. No run ins with the law as of yet. The one military check point we encountered were checking traffic in the opposite direction so we just sailed on thru that one.

When I say sailed, nothing sails here…..the road is narrow and the shoulders are very bumpy so when u have to go onto the shoulder to go thru the checkpoints, or off for a break you would think your rig is going to tip over.

I have finally got these guys down to my way of travelling. Start late and finish early. We left the campsite this morning at around 10am and were sitting drinking beer at this campsite at 4pm……

We stopped tonite at a gorgeous RV site. We are rite on the beach. This is what u imagine Baja to be all about…..The dogs have been swimming, paddling, rolling in the sand all afternoon and we have been watching, laughing and drinking beer. We are in the middle of sand dunes, sunshine and alcohol…….who needs to work……

The guys came to collect the money for the campsite and had a “great deal” on freshly caught lobster……so…….anne, jack, and norma had fresh lobster for dinner while rose and I had hot dogs….trust me, we will make up for this…….

Note: Cory/Elaine…I tried the lobster and …….its not all that bad…..LOL….

As I said the dogs had a great afternoon, however, they all had to have baths before they were allowed in the motorhomes tonite as they were all covered in sand after there afternoon on the beach.

As I said we have gone thru a time change, however, it is getting dark pretty early. We had the outside lites and lantern on by 8pm and by 930 we are all in bed…..

Oh no …. I can see another early morning start coming……LOL….

Jack and Rose

Having read Chris and Annes before I started I would just like to say that you cant believe everything that Chris writes!!!!!!! I took a whole hand full of valium and a half a bottle of Tequila to wash them all down. The rest was pretty good that he wrote-this place is just a little piece of heaven, Foxy did not want to go to the ocean-we had to put her on a leash to get her there but once there she was in the water with Anne and I until she was dunked by a very large wave, then it was back to dad on higher ground, Mom was so proud as we did not want to be outdone by Rosie and Radar-they loved the water!!!Fox did not care for her shower later but all in all humans and beasts all had a great day-oh did I mention when we got here Jack hit the firepit? Norma says there is guys to fix the woops in Loreto. Fidel, the owner of the R.V. park, when he delivered the lobster brought his grand daughter Donna with him. What a cute girl about 9, D.& D. tell Norma that Eyore found a home with her she was happy although I think she liked the suckers she got better. Besos from us all.

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