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Today we drove 284 miles from Whitehorse to just before Watson Lake. We are planning on taking the Cassiar Highway next so we didn't want to go the extra 15 miles or so to Watson Lake. We stopped at the Baby Nugget RV Park in Nugget City. The cost was $32 and it has 30 amps plus water. They also have a restaurant. We had considered having dinner there we were so tired from driving. Jerry checked the menu and the prices were outrageous. We are use to high prices in Alaska and Canada, but this one took the prize for the highest. :-)

We had read about this campsite before in Jackie and Tony's journal. LivingourRVDream

Thanks for all your help guys!! They were totally right about the Wifi. We could not get signed on. We were just too tired to go to the next campground so I am posting this outside of the office as we are leaving today. I am trying to keep caught up with all the journals for each stop, but I can see it's not going to be an easy task. :-) I will have to write them and post them when WiFi is available. More later from the Cassiar Highway. Pictures will be added later, please check back.

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