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Downtown Ushuaia, Argentina in Tierra del Fuego.

Looking down on Ushuaia, Argentina from the mountain overlooking the city and...

The previous picture was taken way up the mountain at the start...

Glacier Martial. Same as the previous picture but closer up.

Looking across the harbour at downtown Ushaia.

Ushuaia, Argentina in Tierra del Fuego

"El Fin del Mundo"--"The End of the World"

Distance from Elizabethtown, KY: 6471mi(10413km)

Population: 40,000



Well, I have reached the southern tip of the South American continent, almost. To get to the actual southern tip is filled with great expense, paperwork, and other hassles. You have to leave Ushuaia, Argentina on a boat and travel to Punto Arenas, Chile to get permission to land on Chilean soil; then you can travel to the uninhabited southern tip. After that you have to travel back to Punto Arenas to "checkout" and then back to Ushuaia. This takes many days by boat and costs an arm. I think I´m close enough. A twelve day boat trip to Antartica costs an arm AND a leg(US$3000). Although I was tempted by this trip, I think I will pass on this one, also. I guess I can only go north from here.

It is the end of summer here and it is pretty cold. It has been ranging between 32F in the night to about 55F during the day.

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