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Blue Mt. Lake - Adirondack Mt. Museum - Sue's back

Steam Engine took tourist to mountains in late 1800s/early 1900s

High Falls Gorge - West Ausable River

Hole in Rock along Gorge

Used for both 1932 ad 1980 Olympics

Added for 1980 Olympics

Taste of Fall Colors

We've spent 12 days in the beautiful Adirondack Mts. with thousands of mosquitoes. The weather has been the best of the summer - no rain and the days in the mid-80s. We have seen many of the local lakes: Placid, Saranac, Champlain, George and many others. They are all gorgeous but surrounded with tourists towns which tend to detract from the beauty. It is hard to find a place to just be able to enjoy nature.

On our Lake Placid excursion, we saw buildings from the 1932 and 1980 Olympics. We also saw several areas, from a distance, where different Olympic events were held. We also went to High Falls Gorge located on the West Ausable River. There were some very unique formations in the gorge.

The bike ride to the Adirondack Museum was a fantastic ride through the mountains. It is located on one of the prettiest lakes we visited - Blue Mountain. There were about 20 buildings - some modern with displays of transportation, logging, art, etc. Others were old buildings/cabins from the late 1800s and early 1900s. There was a complete private railroad car built in 1890 - also many antique sleighs, fire trucks, carraiges, and even a hearse - all used when the Adirondacks were THE resort for wealthy New Yorkers.

The places we visited did seem to show great extremes. There were beautiful homes but there were also MANY homes/motels/restaurants for sale in sad states of disrepair.

We went to Albany just long enough to have some warranty work done on the generator and to do some shopping.

We had to find the vet in Lake George since Munchkin was still having digestive problems. He sent us on 50 mile round trip to a pharmacy, where the pharmacist still compounds medications, to get her a suspension. The adventure climaxed when we had to explain that Munchkin Neville was not covered by insurance and no, she couldn't sign her own medication waiver! She is beginning to act like her old self except that we are cooking her 4 oz. of lean ground beef for breakfast and 4 oz. of chicken tenders for dinner.

It has been a relaxing 1.5 weeks, but we are anxious to get to Vermont.

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