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Ship in Lock Over Tunnel

The month has passed so quickly. It has been very hard saying good-bye to our camp owners/host and hostess - Jim and JoAnn. We will definitely come back. Jim is having a hard time saying good-bye to our rig!

Our last 3 weeks have included:

* Spending time with high school classmates also camping in the Thousand Islands.

* Our first kayaking experience; it was fun; someday we may get one.

* Going to a concert in Brockville, Quebec - The Magic of Ireland.

* Breaking into our unit because we had lost the keys on the 1000 Island Bridge.

* Learnig a new skill - stained glass painting; having fun with it.

* Taking the bike to Eisenhower Locks [long trip] and watching two ships pass through; They completely fill the lock. Please check out the picture. We think this is the only place where the lock is on top of a road tunnel.

* Having our first mouse problem, but we caught it.

* Munchkin waking from a nap very dizzy; a trip to a vet in Watertown who diagnosed old age vestibular disease. She will get over it on her own but may have a permanent head tilt.

*Getting ready to move to the Adirondack Mt. area.

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