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The gorgeous Our Lady of Assumption Church

Ancient Roman (2nd Century AD) bath ruins

Tim at the beach

Eduardo, Ravi, and Tim enjoy a night at the beach front bar

Tim --

Honestly, I was surprised by how beautiful Bulgaria really is. I've a stereotype of Eastern Europe pounded into my brain from years of anti-communist school teachers that's really hard to crack, so discovering how beautiful a beach on the Black Sea can be or how intricate the paintings on a local church have turned out, I feel glad to be travelling to somewhere that many people might not consider. As much as I enjoy concrete blocks and stray dogs, I do enjoy a change of pace, even in the former eastern bloc.

We were in Varna long enough to explore three of its main attractions: a church, beaches, and a club. The Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary is actually called the Cathedral of the Dormition of Mary. Apparently, Roman Catholics believe that Mary, instead of dying, was sucked up to heaven by the mighty Dirt-Devil of God's right hand. Orthodox Christians believe she went to sleep and then woke up in heaven. And despite my rather flat renderings of what many consider to be a holy dogma, the result inside is stunning. The icons, paintings, and structure of the church as beautiful, tasteful, and peaceful as a spiritual place ought to be.

Varna is along the Black Sea Coast. I encourage friends and family who know about these things to explain to me why the Black Sea is called the Black Sea, because it's actually a very pleasant greenish-blue. The beaches have sand and all require bathing suits, so Ravi especially enjoyed some nice relaxing time in the sun. We went to the local city beach on day one, and then to a slightly further, slightly less crowded beach on the second day, and fun was had by all.

Varna is known for its nightlife, but I guess not its Sunday night-life. We went out looking for a club with a good atmosphere, and not really finding one decided to chill at a beachfront place with a beer, whereupon we went home ready to get to bed and get ready for an early departure to Veliko Tarnovo.

Thanks for reading and keeping in touch!

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