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It took 1 and a half days to get to Salta from Puerto.

The morning we left Puerto we stopped in a town called San Ignacio and checked out some Jesuit ruins that were about 450 years old!!! Then more driving driving driving. Truck days(days between towns) are usually boring as hell and involve a lot of useless chatting, card games, toilet breaks and ipod sessions.

When we got to beautiful Salta the first thing on the agenda was Argentinian carne and vino(beef and wine).

My first impressions of the steak wasnt too good, but it was cheap.

The following day a group of us went out to Salta Rafting for some white water rafting)funny that) and zip lining!!

I went on a fucking huge flying fox!! The first run(after a greuling trek up a hill) was 620m long and about 150m high. Much fun to be had. Much much fun.

That night we had a cocktail part to celebrate Lisa's birthday(girl on the tour). I wore my onesey and got mucho merry on crappy mass produced cocktails. Good times.

The next day i woke up hungover and went pony riding. The riding was alright, got to do some cantering etc and see some real life gauchos(South American cowboys...but they are not cowboys!!!) do their thing.

On the ride back to the ranch the gachos decided to see if one of the mares was ready for mating by getting a stallion to sniff around it. It was hilarious! One of the ladies had never seen a horses cock before and was astounded. Much laughter was directed at her :)

Once back at the ranch we hit the vino tinto(red wine) and beef. I think whilst i was in Argentina i ate about 2 or 3kgs of beef. Heaven!!

Anyways after a lunch of too much wine beef and laughter(the ranchs hoast Enrique is a frikkin legand...and a dirty bastard to boot) we went back to Salta city, saw some sites, museums and more bars :)

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