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Update: Departure after the passage of GUSTAV is now firm.

Hello to all,

We are scheduled to depart Maryville on Thursday 9/4 for Rocky Bayou State park for the month of Sept. We watched, as everyone else did, the unfolding of hurricane GUSTAV, as it made his way over the Gulf of Mexico and finally ashore just west of New Orleans. I think we did the wise thing to wait for this thing to pass before heading down. Destin was still in the wind field of GUSTAV, but, they did not suffer any big damage as a result. I called the Park Ranger and he said that the park had no flooding or downed trees. So, that is just great.

As of this update there are several other Tropical Storms heading this way out in the Atlantic. We will just have to wait and see which way the come in. HANNAH should go up the east coast, However: If IKE comes up from the Caribbean, and enters the Gulf, we might have to high-tail it out of there to a safer area.

As always, we will have our HAM radio equipment aboard, and should have a good dipole antenna deployed to monitor and work the air waves while we are in Florida. It is certain that we will have to make visits to the local Library to use the internet, check e mails and to update the travel journal. So, be patient, as we will probably only do this once a week.

I am pretty sure that there are no local TV stations, so we will have to deploy our Sat. antenna in order to watch TV. So, hope there is a clear view of the Southern sky to pick up the Sat birds.

If any of you are in the Niceville or Destin area while we are there just look us up and we will make sure we set out another lawn chair for you and a cool glass of tea.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we perform these volunteer duties. We will miss our family and friends during this time. Unlike what we did during our stay at Cordele, Georgia; We will not be able to make a run home every once in awhile to check on things.

In Dad's memory, the ADVENTURE continues...................................

Later Alligators,

Archie, Chris and Chad the wonder dog

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