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For most folks, yesterday was the last holiday of the summer. For Marilyn & I, it was the “Get ready to move” day.

One reason we enjoy staying in one place for awhile is because of the hassle of getting things ready to move. Marilyn & I had our usual morning coffee, read the blogs of friends, I did the journal entry, and we enjoyed the cool breeze coming in the windows.

By the time I finished with the daily journal I knew that I should be getting busy.

Marilyn immediately began getting the inside ready to move, while I went outdoors to begin there.

Before I even started, Marilyn decided to do the laundry so I helped carry the laundry to the laundry room. She is always more efficient than I am as I tend to procrastinate too much.

I moved the truck around to the front of the RV, rolled up the bed cover of the truck and began loading the truck bed. The spare propane bottle went in first and was secured in place. The stabilizer tripod was next, followed by the ladder, hoses, bird feeder poles, small table, charcoal grill, outdoor mat, and the small step which goes in front of our entry steps. Only the DISH antenna was left to go, and the back of the truck would be loaded.

Our friends who were here at one time or another this summer will be happy to note that our outdoor carpet went into the dumpster, ragged holes and all!

I pulled the air compressor out of its storage bay and aired up the air ride system, checked all of the tires for the correct pressure, and then put the compressor away.

Bird feeders, little outdoor knick knacks, lawn furniture, the folding table and a few other items, had the job nearly complete.

Marilyn had mentioned that she wanted to see Laura Bush speak at the RNC but I forgot about that and took the DISH antenna down. I later learned that Laura Bush’s speech had been postponed so they could raise money to help the victims of the hurricane. That was a close call for me and I was saved by a hurricane!

I also disconnected the DISH receiver and put it in the back seat of the truck.

The only things left for me to do is to dump the tanks in the morning, put the sewer and water hose equipment away, load the 12vdc cooler into the other back seat in the truck, retract the slides, hook up, disconnect the AC power and do our walk around check.

The inside is all ready to go and we hope to get away by 8:30 in the morning.

It has been a wonderful summer here in the cool, dry weather of the Rocky Mountains.

Now that we are leaving and heading back to Hannibal, we can hardly wait to see Steve, Jennifer and Colby.

We hope to get some repairs done to the RV in Liberty, MO on Thursday afternoon and arrive in Hannibal sometime Friday afternoon or early evening.

We get to baby sit with Colby on Saturday and maybe Sunday also. Whoopee!!!

I plan to write the next journal entry from Oakley, Kansas.

We have a drive of 270 miles to get there from Mountaindale Campground. Wednesday we will drive 290 miles to arrive in Topeka, KS in time to see our friends from Croatia, Beli and Vesna. We are hoping that Ralph & Rosalie can make the trip also.

So, we have had a good day of preparation to move and we just can’t wait to pull out of the campground with Willie Nelson singing “On the Road Again” on our sound system.

I always end with words to the effect of “I just can’t wait to see what this day has in store”. The truth is, that on moving day, just as it was when I was flying airplanes for a living, all I want is a boring trip. That is the best kind on travel day!

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