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Touchdown Michigan!!

Hi Team!

Well camp is over, no more kids and no more rules, sweeeet!

Friday we picked up the rental car and headed down state for the big football game with 2 aussies from camp. The game was in Ann Arbor, just out of Detroit. It is the first weekend of the college football season and is like O-week back home. University of Michigan Wolverines vs Utah Utes.

We went into the town/campus area before the game and it was crazy! Huge street parties outside frat houses just like the movies (incl red keg cups!). An hour before the game we found the marching band and marched to the stadium with them and a whole ton of fans.

Inside the stadium was wicked - 108,000 people jam packed (its the biggest college stadium in the USA), complete with a performance by the marching band, cheerleaders, poms girls - very american and heaps of fun. Michigan made a comeback but still lost - Final Score Utah 25 Michigan 23. Weird thing is is that you can't buy beer in the stadium which was a shame because it would've been 30 degrees plus.

After the game we went to town and partied all night for Dan's bday. Ended up partying at some random american's house when the pubs closed at 2am.

On Dan's actual bday the next day we had a great day of R&R at the Marriott and today we drove to Battlecreek to check out the world headquarters of Kellogg's. Ooooo.

Off to Toronto tomorrow, cool!


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