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Some of us took this bridge

Big Lobster at Shediac

Captain Dan's

Tacking Duel

Shediac Wharf Marina


This was our first sunny and hot day in a long, long while. I rode solo today along the New Brunswick shoreline for much of the day. There were clam diggers at low tide and numerous birds in the marshes.

After stopping at the big lobster in Shediac, I asked a local for the best place to get clams and chips and was directed to Captain Dan's. I confirmed the suggestion with another local and headed off on the side trip to the Shediac wharf. Captain Dan's and the wharf seemed to be the happening place at 2:00 on Saturday. There were lots of folks on the deck having lobster or other seafood, the Budweiser wagon was being hitched to the horses out back, there were lots of sailboats and motorboats leaving the harbour for the bay, and it appeared that at least some sailboats (there were several pairs) were engaged in some form of match racing. And I finally had a good feast of fried clams and fries.

The tailwind that I should have had for the last 60km turned to a partial headwind, so the ride into camp was tougher than I had expected. But I got there in time to set up my tent and go for a swim in the ocean before dinner. The water was warm, but as I write this journal, the air is cooling quickly reminding us that it is the end of August.

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