Russ & Barb's Lifetime Adventure in the 2008 Alaska Trek travel blog

A roadside view just after entering Vermont

Vermont farmland

A Vermont farm

Vermont has some great scenery too! And civilized - note the guardrail!

More great Vermont scenery...

Sort of like Alaska but smaller

Our Denali! Not quite as high but beautiful - Vermont's Camel's Hump...

When seeing this, we were reminded of what an Alaskan said to...

Our youngest son Nick's house (check out the fall color change has...

Justin welcomes Grandma home!

Grandma in Charlotte, VT and the munchkins!

The munchkins and Grandpa

Home at last!

And the remnants of our tenants - a "gaggle" of bald faced...

We were on the road at 9 for our homeward leg as Grandma was really getting anxious to see the grandkids. The trip was uneventful as the day was beautiful, very sunny and we had light traffic since it was in the middle of the holiday weekend. Arrived at Nick and Tammy's around 2:30 and was greeted with lots of hugs and kisses from the little people as we walked down the driveway. Had to leave the truck and 5th wheel at Tammy's father's (next door) as there is no turnaround ability in their drive. Spent a little time there before heading on the last 10 miles to home. Our thanks to Sandi and Ashley for the thought of vacuuming and dusting the three month accumulation for us that morning for our arrival. Home was good to see and it was great that nothing had happened to it while we were gone. We did have a couple of new tenants - a rather large bald face wasp colony had taken up residence on our deck (Dan had the exterminator evict them) and we still have two large colonies of ground yellow jackets to deal with. Also, the pool is a fairly colorful "green" and full of algae from lack of use and the filter pump turned off. Oh well, it will clean up! The grandkids came over to help us start the unloading process so they could get a glimpse of what souvenirs that we brought them and then Ashley spent the night with her Grandma. Tomorrow we're going over to Nick's for a welcome home barbecue sharing it with Josh's early 7th birthday celebration. Welcome home!

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