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On the lake at sunset

Well we needed somewhere to stop on the way down from The falls to Buenos Aires so we decided to stop at this national park. It seems we´ve become quite the nature addicts and this was another wetland area - but much much less touristy than The Pantanal in Brazil.

By the way did i mention we are no longer in Brazil - woohoo! There are a few things we will not miss about Brazil - we will not miss the stupid turnstiles on the bus that are very backpack unfriendly and do not turn without considerable forward momentum which is difficult to achieve when you are being thrown backwards by the sudden acceleration of the grand prix wannabe bus driver, we will not miss constantly being pushed in front of and the complete inability of brazilians to form a line, we will not miss the complete inability of brazilians to understand anything you say unless you speak brazilian portuguese specifically (even the portuguese get annoyed about it). We will however the freshly squeezed juices that you can get everywhere and that are cheaper than soft drinks and agua, I will miss the churros (like a donut stick with hot caramel or hot chocolate topping pumped inside), also i have become strangely addicted to the rice and beans that are served at every meal - I don´t know what they put in those beans but they´re tasty! Other than food we´ll probably miss the variety of landscapes offered in brazil - mountains, beaches, sand dunes, rainforest, dry scrubland, red rock faces.

So what was i talking about ... ah yes our little stay at Esteros del Ibera.

Its a little park in the middle of nowhere. The town where it is, is literally 3 streets of houses - I actually asked when we got there how far it was to town and they said ´"this is it" - it had one corner store and one restaurant and that was it. So we stayed at a little cottage called Ranche Ibera. This place was great - it was cozy, homely, lots of wood furnishings and the heater going. There was also a cute little argentina Nona who cooked up the best country style fresh food we´d had in ages - homemade pastas, stews - mmm so good. We went on a boat out into the wetland and saw all sorts of animals (similar to what we saw in the Pantanal but much closer, almost to reach out and touch and it was just us and 2 other people in the boat. We got to see a big snake wrapped in some reeds and also some baby caiman (crocodiles), deer, rodent dogs, river otters, lots of birds - it was pretty cool. I was sorry to leave our little country retreat but we had to keep on moving down to Buenos Aires.

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