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The beginning

Product in the making!

The fermenters

Any one for a can!

10 green bottles!

The finished product

Ross sampling the finished product

The refuge

Hello Mr Owl


Water Lily

We were heading west and our Canadian friends Bernie and Ross were heading east so we arranged to meet up for a few days in Creston, British Columbia.

We caught up on our various travels since the last time we had got together in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Bernie and Ross had spent the spring/summer exploring the Yukon, North West Territories and Alaska. We were interested in getting some tips as these areas next summer look to be on the agenda.

Together we visited the Columbia Brewery which brews the Kokanee beer and distributes its products across Canada and into western US. The brewery is the 6th largest brewing company in Canada with Creston being one of six locations.

Our tour took us through each stage of the production of the beer starting with the mash (where ground malted barley and water are mixed together) and finishing with the palletizer(where the finished product cases are stacked on pallets and then stretched wrap for protection and security ready for distribution). It sure did smell good walking round the brewery. It was interesting to see how mechanised the process was.

The final part of our tour was a free tasting. Sure was good.

Going to the other extreme in the afternoon we visited a candle making factory, Kootenay Candles, where the process was very human orientated!

On our second day in Creston we visited the local wildlife refuge and had a great walk through the marshlands and even spotted an owl, which was a first for us.

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