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Winnie the Pooh statue in White River

It rained most of the day today, so I didn't do much. It was an unfortunate day for it, too, as I had hoped to visit Pukaskwa (pronounced Puk-a-saw) National Park and do quite a bit of hiking there. Also, since this is a pretty sparsely populated region, there weren't a lot of options for indoor activities.

I stayed in my hotel room in Marathon as long as possible then had lunch at a Pizza Hut in town, hoping the rain would let up, but eventually I decided it wasn't going to, and it was time to skip Pukaskwa and move on.

I did stop in White River, a very small town whose claim to fame is that it the birthplace, in a sense, of Winnie the Pooh. In the 1910s, a Canadian army captain from Winnipeg had stopped in White River, and bought a black bear cub in White River, which he named Winnie, after his home city. He took the bear with him to London, and when he was sent to the front in World War I, he left the bear with the London zoo, where she became very popular--she was very gentle, and children were even allowed to be with her. A. A. Milne saw Winnie there, and she inspired his famous stories. Disney now owns all rights to the Pooh characters, but has agreed to allow White River to have the statue pictured and produce some items with Winnie the Pooh. The small White River Heritage Museum has information about this story as well as other bits of town history.

From there I went on to Wawa, where I checked into my hotel around 4:30, by far the earliest I've gotten to any of my nightly destinations so far. I had dinner at a nice restaurant across the street, Kinniwabi Pines, which has a variety of cuisines among its menu items, including Caribbean; the curry chicken was very tender and very tasty.

The rain seems to have stopped for good about 7:30, and it's supposed to be clear tomorrow.

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