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When visiting northern Idaho, don't miss the Shoe Tree!

The Zoo - Can you find the tiger? Elephant? Too cute!

No frog is camera shy.

Priest Lake is surrounded by the forest, and mountains in northern Idaho

While we were staying in Newport, Washington, we spent time in northern Idaho. We visited the Salmon-Priest Wilderness. We went to Crawford State Park in Washington and saw some amazing formations and colors in Gardner Cave. It was the closest we got to Canada, as the park's northern border is the border with Canada also. We took some pictures from the shore of Priest Lake, which is very pretty, very large, and bordered by mountains. We were amazed by how many motor boats were out and about. Newport, Washington was formed when Idaho's bouondary changed, forming Oldtown, Idaho and Newport, Washington. Fortunately, northern Idaho is in the Pacific time zone, or we would have left the coach at 9:00 am and gotten to the main road at 10:05, five minutes later!

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