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On our way from Maine to Vermont

How come you never see these in South Florida?

We spent 8 hours on the road today as we traveled west out of Maine to Burlington, VT. Most of the drive was along gorgeous, country roads through small towns with only the occasional traffic light to slow us down. We would stay three nights in Burlington, using it as a base to visit Montreal and Fort Ticonderoga this time. Assuming we enjoy our stay, we will return for a few weeks later in September as the leaf peeping season gets underway.

We arrived at an extremely busy campground about 6 miles north of Burlington. Camped on one side of us were several tents and pop-up trailers belonging to one group with about 16 cars scattered about. On our other side was a tent buried far beneath the largest tarp I have ever seen, very obviously designed to keep that tent dry if any rain should come. The campground was busy with children enjoying their last weekend of freedom - swimming in the pool, playing baseball and eating ice cream. Parents drank away their sadness as well, with margarita mix and salt scattered among the bottles of wine and cans of beer. Other campers were perhaps made a bit uncomfortable with the level of activity in the campground, causing their stress level to rise to a point where they actually yelled at me angrily to NOT walk through their campsite (settle down people, it is just a campsite).

As Mark and I enjoyed our soft ice cream while we waited for our laundry to dry, we circled the campground and surveyed the vast collection of campers parked within three or four feet of each other, most with campfires burning brightly. As we rounded the corner to the area where the seasonal campers were housed we stumbled upon a camper-like nightclub scene. A large group of people sat around with drinks watching a few people swaying to the music on the grass/dance floor. As we looked closer at the softly lit camper/club scene we realized that the music we were listening to, which had seemed strangely recognizable but off key and wavering at the same time, was actually a karaoke performance by one of the guests. Wow – we had seen it all now. Camping karaoke! Despite the number of guests in high spirits this weekend, the campground turned out to be surprisingly quiet at night and into the early morning.

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