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The police officer came & woke us at 5:15! We were ready by 7, altho the girl didn't understand Bon's explanation re: vegie so she brought sausage for 2 and egg for one...unfortunately, she brought the eggs first and thinking that more was coming I ate them! Thus when only two plates of sausage came there was nothing for B & M...being short on time according the the officer we left w/ only I having a bfast! Turns out, he thought we wouldn't wait for a 4th passenger. We finally got it across that we would NOT pay for a 4th and waited til 8 to leave when the driver decided not to wait any longer - actually we found out later that he was picking up someone on the pass. We'd paid ahead this time so there was no qs as to what we expected! The ride was on gravel, rock, & dust 90% of the way... the scenery was majestic, just like we'd seen before but being in a shared taxi w/ blown out seats and hot & dusty... the ride was a long 9 hours and even then the driver dropped us (grudgingly taking us a little ways into town!) quite a ways from where we wanted to be.

It took us another 1 1/2 hours to locate an internet to see if Kryss had answered Bon's email asking if he could give us the address/hotel/guesthouse the Germans had given us(my notes were lost w/ my leather pouch). No answer so we walked to homestay listed in LP - Acted Home Stay. Luckily, they had rooms $15 US, no, tired we jumped at it and even could use their kitchen. Noodle bowl dinner & to bed exhausted.


Got up and went to Hotel Avesto & ATM, then to Cafe Merve for bfast and then to Volshebni Sir the internet...quite our regular routine it seems whenever we get into a big city for any time. Dushanbe is the capital and it's tree lined avenues make it a pleasing big city - buses/trolley go up & down the main drag, Rudaki, very frequently so in-city travel is easy! Our home stay is only 10 min. walk from internet, ATM & cafe. We then proceed to walk the length of Rudaki...Mari let herself get sucked into some holiday celebration in the main square(turned out to be a political gathering of 6 nations of CIS incl China & Georgia). Bon & I waited 1 1/2 hours before finally giving up and went to dinner & internet(Bon is trying to get her Chacos replaced since a strap wore thru where it connects to the sole). Bon took pictures of here repair and emailed them to the Chaco people where the gal shared the 'field repair' w/ the entire company staff, ha!

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