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Our campsite just before sundown at 7th Ranch RV Camp.

A view of our campground from I-90. Yes, we are out in...

Overlooking one of the battle areas.

This is on the site of "Custers Last Stand"

On this memorial are the names of all of General Custer's soldiers...

These headstones were placed where the soldiers bodies were found. They are...

Danny checking out an old Mack Truck at the Bighorn County Museum

This is the inside of a covered wagon from the 1800's in...

The museum complex is where the railroad came through and the site...

A common site here in Montana.

Our neighbors and camp hosts took us four-wheeling in their new jeep.

It was 106 degrees when we arrived at 7th Ranch RV Camp on Tuesday afternoon. It is about 65 miles east of Billings and on the edge of the Little Bighorn Battlefield. Fortunately, it cooled off the next day and the next few days were in the high 80's, but cooled down to in the 50's at night.

We took the driving tour of the battlefields where the "Battle of Little Bighorn" was fought and "Custer's Last Stand" in 1876. Do you remember your American History? We found it very interesting to stand and look over the land where these battles were fought and sad to see all the headstones where a soldier fell to his death.

We met a really nice couple, Jane and Leyman Williams, who are doing work camping here for a couple of months. They just bought a new 4 door Jeep Sahara and invited us to go 4-wheeling with them. We enjoyed spending time with them on their days off.

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