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Today breakfast was cereal, served up by ourselves and shared with family.

The lounge room again and more catching up and comparison of both countries and the experiences of Rowena and my travel.

I am not feeling the best. The last few days I have suffered from a bad cough, a sore throat and sniffles. The sort of things that I do not want to pass onto my relatives, especially after they have been so good as to put us up.

So my Uncle Jim, Rowena and myself head down to Boots The Chemist and get some stuff to at least treat the symptoms. From there we head around to a very large supermarket called Tescos. This place is huge and has so much stuff to choose from.

We walk around and buy stuff that we need. But we also buy stuff that we want, you know chocolate and cakes and biscuits. The product names that ring as a happy memory from the last time I was here 38 years ago. Penguin Bars, Liquorice Allsorts, Rowntrees Jelly Babies. Bloody yum!

Loaded up with necessity and luxury alike we head off back home. The rest of the day consists of more catch up, more comparison and a fair bit of TV. Uncle Jim contacts some family members and the task of getting the message out that family is here from overseas begins.

We organise to meet my Uncle Larry (Dad’s youngest brother) during the week for a drink. Messages are left for others and slowly but surely the message is circulated.

Again a short report but again a really good day.

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