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This afternoon I´m in Santo Domingo. It appears to be a fairly good sized city. I was pleased to discover there isn´t just one but two pharmacies. It´s the kind of thing that is very important in my life these days. My feet swelled over the past week which didn´t sit well with my hard plastic orthotics. I spent most of today walking in sandals. I will visit a pharmacy and stock up on Compeed and bandages.

As I entered the albergue this afternoon in Santo Domingo I met a couple from Japan. They are walking the camino as part of their retirement. They were as surprised to run into me as I them. None of us has met other Americans on the trail. They were the first Japanese couple I´ve met.

Each day there is someone new. One of my favorite things about traveling is to meet people and suddenly realize I´ve read something of their life in a news story.

The first time this happened was when I was in Mexico. I was on a bus speaking with a young man. He told me how he was headed north of the border to find work. After a while I realized he and his friends were the people I read about crossing the border to work in the US and send money home.

Yesterday I was sitting by the pool in Aforza when a woman from Germany joined me. She apologized for her English which I told her was much better than my German. She said her Russian was perfect but was trying to learn English. She is from East Germany and yes, of course, Russian was manadatory when she was in school. The cold war, iron curtain and all that from the past.

When I was walking through the Basque region I had similar experiences. I took several pictures of signs and graffiti promoting the Basque separatist movement. A few people asked me about the US and how it was united. I thought about it a bit and had to agree. I think Texans want to break away from time to time but there´s really not a serious movement to create separate countries.

Well, I´m off to the pharmacy to stock up for the road ahead.

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