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A Little History by the Roadside

Three states and 320 miles and we rolled into Charlie’s around 2:30 p.m. We left Dillon around 8:30, hoping to travel before the hottest part of the day. In just a little under 60 miles, we said good-bye to Montana and trekked on through Idaho. Sometimes, 300 mile drives can be tiring and stressful. Joe said today’s drive was pretty easy.

Idaho has some beautiful countryside, fields of hay were freshly mown, and thousands of bales of straw were piled up in the fields. From the golden grain fields, we passed through some volcanic-looking area; it was actually called Basalt…so, it was probably basalt rock. Idaho has a Potato Museum and we must stop some time and see this. Ireland, whose history during the mid 1800’s is somewhat defined by the potato, doesn’t have a potato museum….although it does have lots of museums that describe the effect potatoes, or lack thereof, had on the people and the country. Idaho also threw in some road construction to make the drive interesting. Usually, construction is limited to one lane and you can drive in the other; but, here we had to drive on the gravel shoulder at 15 mph; fortunately, it was a relatively short stretch.

Then we crossed into Utah and it was a quick run to Sunset. We decided to top off our fuel at Flying J in Ogden, $4.04 / gallon for diesel, and the cheapest we’re going to see for a while. Today was the first day in a long time that we had to run the Gen to cool the coach. The dash air keeps the front cool but, when the temps are in the triple digits, the back heats up pretty quickly so we run the Gen to run the house air.

When we got to Charlie’s, we disconnected the Jeep and Tom got Joe parked while I found Maggy to get our work order written up. It was so good to see all the crew here again; Charlie & Vickie, Tom & Maggy, and Gilberto do a fantastic job. There are several other Alfa’s here and we know most of the owners. Several of us went to dinner after they closed the shop.

My priority tomorrow is to get my hair cut and do some grocery shopping. There’s a great meat market close by and we’ll pay them a visit later.

It is extremely windy tonight and, luckily, the forecast is for cooler temps tomorrow. We sure hope so.

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