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San Vito lo Calpo

Daniele and the kids

Me getting my henna tatoo (that did not last a month- what...

Vera, Zia Dina and Gioele

Gioele sleeping- how cute.

We got up at about 8am today as we headed off to San Vito lo Calpo with Daniele, Vera, Goiele, and Zia Dina. This is a beautiful beach about an hour and half’s drive away.

It was very beautiful with mountains in the background, clear warm water and semi good sand for European beaches. I had my reservations, as you know I hate the beach but we had a great day. In fact we where there from 10am until 4:30pm.

Daniele really looked after me as he had heard how much I hated the sun. He hired some great sun lounges and we had 3 umbrellas so as I was assured of shade. I even went for a swim a couple of times and was pleasantly surprised with the warm, refreshing water.

The kids had a ball swimming and making sand castles with Daniele. The boys went off to get lunch but were unsuccessful finding anything ‘tasty’ that was gluten free and so Carmine returned with Daniele to the restaurant strip and negotiated with a restaurant to make us saffron, mushroom risotto that was just great.

I also indulged Carmine and had a henna tattoo placed on my shoulder of a butterfly. Apparently they last a month and so you will all get to see it. I’m not sure if I like it really, and also unsure about having one on my shoulder. All a bit of fun though.

We got home at about 6pm and then had an hour to shower and get ready before we had to go back to Zia and Zio’s for dinner. Wow! She had put on an entire gluten free spread for me and Tia including bruschetta and the most amazing melinzane parmigiana. It was absolutely divine.

The kids were having a ball with one of Vince’s cousins children, Matia. He is 17 years old and speaks excellent English. He loved conversing with the kids and they found him very funny and lots of fun.

Carmine and I both remarked today as to how fantastic the kids have been. Wherever we have gone they have not complained, they have always found something to do and not worried when having to stay up late. They are true champions and we are very proud of them.

At about 10:30pm I was absolutely exhausted and so Tia and I returned to the apartment. Matia went with Carmine to assure that we found the way. Even though we have travelled these streets many times Carmine is not yet confident of successfully finding his way in these narrow, windy streets that all look the same.

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