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Sagging covered bridge

Yet another covered bridge

Looking upstream on the Matapedia River

Welcome to New Brunswick

Today was to be payback day for climbing the spine of the Gaspe peninsula yesterday. That made it net down hill, but not all down hill. The day was cool, grey and blustery, but luckily the bluster was a strong partial or full tailwind most of the day. Much of the day we were following the Matapedia River which is apparently a world class fly fishing destination. It was amazing how the long the river continued in a shallow gradual descent; it seemed much more constant in character than the rivers with which I have been familiar.

It was also our last day in Quebec and I realized I had not captured a photo of a farm with a barn and silos even though I had seen many. Many of the farms proudly display their name on the silo; so today's photos contain such an example. There is yet another photo of a large church in small village, but this church was on a hill allowing a view unobscured by power lines or other trappings of modern infrastructure.

The photos also include the customary welcome to a new province sign. That is 6 down and 4 to go, but we are on the home stretch with less than two weeks left for the 4 provinces.

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