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4wd Jardineira very bumpy bus ride into Jeri over sweeping dunes +...

Crystal Clear Lagoa Paraiso - isn't this just paradise?

Jaggie (jack ass) - sleeping on beach

Making pilgramage up to Poz do Sol (Sunset Dune)

Buggy tour passing through fishing village

No cars in Jeri due to sandy terrain - buggies get you...

The most beautiful sunset right over the Atlantic ocean

Overlooking Jeri

Crazy can man!

Chicken on a stick - our daily ritual

August 16-22

We flew into Forteleza, one of Brazil's largest cities, in order to make way to our next major destination, Jericoacoara. Forteleza is a metropolitan city, not really big on charm or culture, so this was only an overnight stay for us. We had 1 super long day here though where we made a visit to their 4 story Mercado Central (flea market where Jenn stepped on a nail right into the heal - ouch!), hit the beach, got in a 4 mile walk and caught the open-air craft market that just happened to be on the beach, Meireles, right near our hotel. Here we had our 1st acaraje (bean + shrimp fritters popular snack), which looks scary to eat but is quite good.

The next morning was an early rise to catch a 9:30am bus ride to Jericoacoara (nickname: Jeri). This was a long one with 6 hrs by coach and 1 hr by 4wd bus known as a jardineira where we drove along the very bumpy terrain + beach.

The local population here is roughly 3,000, so it's another very tiny town where there is one main square and only 5 main sandy roads lined with restaurants/bars, boutiques + pousadas, which all lead to the beach.

One word to describe Jeri would definitely be "Hippyesque". There are lots of dreadlock, tatooed hippies who roam the sandy streets selling their homemade jewelry. Many of them are not from here, but explained that when they arrived they just never left! We chatted with several and realized they were from all over the world, which is cool thinking that they landed here in this remote ol' place!

Jeri is best known for outdoor activities - kitesurfing, windsurfing, sandsurfing, regular surfing, buggy + ATV driving through the surrounding white rolling dunes, and nightly capoeira lessons. The beach here isn't spectacular, in our opinion, as there are steady winds and the water is too shallow for swimming. However, it's the warmest water yet and the sun is always shining here!

We spent most of our time here just relaxing (again). We took a buggy tour to the local lagoas (fresh water lakes that are crystal clear), PK went sandsurfing, and we made evening pilgramages to the popular Por do Sol (sunset) dune where we saw the most amazing sunsets we've both ever seen! What's most unique about this place would have to be the beautiful white dunes that surround the area for miles and miles, we hadn't seen this before.

For a small town, evenings are pretty poppen' here with fresh fruit cocktail stands (but not as spectacular as Morro), lots of chicken/carne on a stick (which we are absolutely addicted to), the best restaurants we've encountered yet, and capoeira drum circles. The people here are super-super friendly and it's very safe. Interesting tid-bit - this is a popular destination for Italian vacations - they are everywhere in their cute little speedos!

Jeri is another good place to visit in Brazil, however 5 days was 1-2 days too many for us - you can accomplish a lot in a little time here. Unless you are a hard core surfer surfing activities lean on the pricey side, especially when you're on a budget. We are starting to be more cautious with our funds with each new day...boy it flies by fast when you're having fun!

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