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John headed to yet another small village with a large church

John, Bob and I ready to tuck into Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

The cafe

Waterfront trail in Rimouski


The crepes

Auberge St-Luce, home of the crepes

I awoke to the sound of rain on the tent; luckily it stopped by the time I took down the tent. The ride started grey, windy, and quite cool. I started the ride with John T. and before too long we met up with Bob. After only about 35km we went into the village of Bic looking for coffee or breakfast and found a small, local café/bar. The eggs Benedictine and café aux lait were superb.

The wind was a partial tailwind which helped speed us along to Rimouski and then along the waterfront bike path through Rimouski. The view of the St. Lawrence River is now that of a seascape as it has widened to the point that the north shore is no longer visible.

Although some of the day was on busy highway 132, for the most part the shoulders were paved. Where possible the route took us through small sea side villages. Bob and I had gone on ahead and Bob spotted an Auberge that he said could not be passed up, so we positioned our bikes where we thought John could not miss them and went in. In keeping with my policy of almost always having the special on the black board, I had a wonderful plate of crepes with local strawberries, blueberries, crème anglais, and chocolate sauce. Unfortunately John missed seeing our bikes and missed the lunch.

When we went into the auberge in Metis-Sur-Mer and sat down hoping to get a bowl of soup we discovered that it was closed in the middle of the afternoon. We were directed to another restaurant a few kilometers down the road. It was open and I had perhaps the best seafood chowder I have ever had as well as sugar pie and coffee.

We headed out again into the wind that had turned into a headwind. And then we said farewell to the St. Lawrence as we headed south to climb the backbone of the Gaspe Peninsula. And climb we did; it seemed as though around every corner we were greeted by another hill. Luckily we only had a few kilometers before we were at the camp site.

There are more riding days between rest days, so at the moment I am doing laundry in order to have clean cycling gear for each of the next three days. As soon as it is dry… I am off to bed.

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