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Threatening Cloud

Church, farm, and clouds -- lots of all of these today

Dining room of the ayberge that served great crepes

St. Lawrence riverscape

Haather wrestling with the wind for control of her tent

Our campsite by the river

Sunset 1/3

Sunset 2/3

Sunset 3/3

The day started with threatening clouds and a strong wind. The wind was mostly a cross wind, but it still made cycling more tiring. Although the 24km mark is a little early to stop for a break, we were outside an Auberge in Kamouraska when Bob came out to say that they had café aux lait and crepes. It may have been the best breakfast of the tour so far.

I was riding with Brendan, Ian, Heather and Andrew, but we managed to get separated due to missed turns, different speeds, etc. We met up again at Tim's in Riviere du Loupe for lunch and then basically rode through to Trois Pistoles.

The day was filled with vistas of the St Lawrence which is now very wide. Quite often the sun was behind clouds, but we could see it shining brightly on the far shore. It was difficult to pick the right clothes since when the sun was hidden the wind was quite chilling and whenever we stopped to eat we tended to cool off. Cycling in the sun tended to be too warm with any extra layers at all.

When we got to camp, setting up tents was a bit tricky due to the strong winds from the river. More than one tent got away as people set them up. I have learned that liberal use of pegs on the upwind side allows me to set up my tent by myself. Since I have one of the larger tents it does grab a lot of the wind, but it's all about angles .

After dinner we were treated to a rather spectacular sunset before everyone headed to their tents and sleeping bags to try to get or stay warm.

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