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Walking on a beautiful morning

Deer in front of our RV

Leslie & Mike acting silly

Ed & Marilyn

Scenery on Gold Camp Road

One of the places we stopped

More scenery

A grove of Aspen trees

More scenery

One of the "Cuts"

Cripple Creek, Co street scene

One more from the truck

Yesterday we awoke to another of those absolutely awesome days here in the Rocky Mountains. It was beautiful, not one cloud in the sky and a temperature in the low 70’s with very low humidity.

After our morning coffee, Marilyn and I got out for a walk. The scenery was great and Marilyn’s knee was doing ok so we walked a bit over two miles. I felt as if I could have walked to Hwy 115 and back, a distance of 4 miles. Marilyn prodded me to “Go ahead, but you’ll regret it tomorrow”!

We did walk far enough down the road so that we had cell phone coverage and I placed a call to our friend, Jeff, at the Mark Twain Cave complex in Hannibal, MO.

We talked for awhile and I let Jeff know that we plan to arrive back in that area on or about September 5th or 6th.

Once Marilyn & I returned to the campground, Marilyn sat outdoors to read while I worked on the computer.

Mike wandered over to visit for awhile and then Leslie came over as well.

We discussed several options for the day’s activity and decided to drive in to Old Colorado City and visit “Henri’s” for lunch.

We were soon on the way in Mike & Leslie’s truck. We talked and laughed all the way, and the conversation continued as we arrived at Henri’s.

We ordered lunch and swapped around, sharing the great food, some mild and some hot enough to cause Mike to feel his lips and pronounce that he felt as if he had “just left the dentist’s office!”

We left after a great lunch and even better margaritas (Except for our designated driver, Mike) and headed back toward the campground.

As we drove along I pointed out the “Old Gold Camp Road”, and we all agreed that we should continue the adventure for the day by taking that road.

Mike drove quite slowly and we stopped frequently to take pictures, enjoying the wonderful weather and the jaw dropping scenery.

When we arrived in Cripple Creek, we decided to visit one of the Casinos, just for fun.

I left with less money than I arrived with but we aren’t into gambling so I didn’t lose much. Mike actually won and left with more than he had when we arrived, so all is good.

We made a stop on the way home to pick up a prescription for Leslie and to have a bite of dinner at “Panda Express”.

It was a few minutes after 9:00 PM by the time we arrived back at our little home on wheels.

Marilyn & I were soon in bed, watching “Big Brother”. We had recorded that and it is great to be able to fast forward past the commercials.

We were asleep shortly after 10:00 PM and slept just fine all night.

Now we are up, enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Yesterday was a fine day spent with people who have become good friends. Today we just can’t wait to see what this day has in store…..

P.S. Pictures will be posted soon. Check back.

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