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Kids flying kites from the roof tops just before it pooed it...

Our room (& my knees) in Delhi

Bit more zoomidge on this one!

And then come the rain (from the roof top restaurant)

Our flight was at 9am so a bit of an early start for the airport this morning.

The taxi took longer than expected so we were rushing about a bit at the airport but just made it!

The 5 hour flight was cool, except for the inflight entertainment going mental so I watched Iron man twice!

We arrived in Dehli at about 1pm and got a cab to the hotel. Obviously we got stung for the fare but it was only for about 12 quid so it wasn't the end of the world.

The driving/roads are ABSOLUTELY MENTAL in Delhi! I think the people here all have a form of automotive tourrets where they have to press the horn every 5 seconds!

Honestly you have never seen anything like it. Lanes don't matter, and it appears that even red lights and THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE ROAD are optional - I shit you not!

We finally found our hotel after stopping off to ask someone, yeah thanks cabbie!

And he wanted a tip!

Our hotel was a bit dodge. The room was clean enough and everything but it just felt a bit dodge!

We went out that afternoon to try and find an internet cafe and the bloke in our hotel just took us to the roof of the hotel next door to a cafe/restaurant thing!

He said the internet was busy but we could wait here and have something to eat while we waited! A bit strange as we didn't say we were hungry or thirsty but ok.

After this we found an 'internet laptop' in the foyer of this hotel which didn't really work very well so we made it short and then crashed back in our room.

First impressions of Dehli - Absolute chaos!

Oh just remember too that our en-suite shower in our room was cool except for the fact the water from the shower appears to be aimed at the light switch, which is also in the shower!!!



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