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We caught the ferry from Lombok with one other tourist (Olivier from Germany), and were in Sumbawa in less than two hours. We walked along the port to find a bus, feeling a bit aware that we hadn't learnt any Bahasa Indonesian yet - luckily Olivier had, and suprised us with some very impressive bus price haggling! We were glad to have him there as Sumbawa seems less touristy and not many people speak English. We got a bus to Sumbawa Besar, and liked Sumbawa immediately - people are very friendly & seem more relaxed here. We stayed at Hotel Dewi in relative comfort (air con and everything!) for two days, and visited a close-by traditional weaving village where we were welcomed into a lovely lady's home and shown how she weaves under her house. In town, we were approached by an Indonesian English Teacher in the street & invited to visit his school so we could chat to his students. So the next day, we spent the morning at a high school visiting classes and talking with the students. It was lovely to do something a bit different, we felt a bit like visiting dignitaries, but it was fantastic to meet the students who were really enthusiastic, asked us loads of questions, and even got us to sing the song from Titanic with them!!

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