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Today I am taking a rest day in Lograño. I´ve walked some 140 km the past week. My Spanish vocabulary has expanded to include relevant terms like ´big blisters´, 'swollen ankles' and 'heavy backpack'. Despite the pain it´s been wonderful.

The first day I walked from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncevalles. It was 27 km. Most pilgrims take a path called the Napoleon route. I decided to take one which wasn´t so steep and had a stopover in a village after 10km. I was concerned I couldn´t make the distance in a day because I am a wee bit out of shape.

I surpised myself.

I set out from SJPdePort at 7 am. I first stopped at a deli to pick up supplies for the day. The deli didn´t have the normal bell to announce my arrival. Rather it was a cat call. I had to laugh. I picked up a croissant and sandwich and set out for the journey.

12 hours later I arrived in Roncevalles dead tired but very impressed with my perseverance. I found my way to the overflow albergue which was a trailer set up in a park. It was 6 euros for the night. I then made my way to a local restaurant to eat a ´Pilgrim´s Meal´. It was an 11 euro 3 course set menu including wine and water for pilgrims. I sat around the table eating with 10 strangers who were also pilgrims. They were all European - French, Spanish, Italian and German - except for me. The conversation was stilted as we pieced together conversations in a variety of lanuages. It was evident that we were all excited about the days ahead when we would walk the same trail pilgrims had been walking for centuries.

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