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Alex sitting in ruins of the theater on Delos

Ruins of a wealthy person's house on Delos



Little town in Mykonos

Lunch in Mykonos

Out scooting around Mykonos

This day we took one of the cruise excursions to Delos. It is an island that is uninhabited except for a few archaeologists who live there. It is all ruins of an ancient city of Delos that was sacked and no one moved back to. It was really cool. Alex didn't like the tour, saying we were missing lots of stuff, but I liked the information she gave and prefer the tour to reading a book along the way. He went off by himself a lot including climbing the mountain. Alex wanted more time on the island and I told him he should stay and take another ferry back. I was going back with the excursion as three hours was long enough for me to look at ruins! He decided to come with, though. there was a huge piece of rope on the shore that Alex wanted to take as a souvenir for his dad. I said absolutely not.

Back in Mykonos, we ate lunch of yummy suvlaki and greek salad. There was a ship on the shore behind us with octopus hanging from the lines, but I did not get a picture :-( Then, Alex rented a scooter and we scooted around for two hours, but riding on the back of the scooter terrified me! I do not trust Alex's driving. He took me back to the ship and scooted around another hour, returned the scooter and made it back to the boat before it took off.

Mykonos has a cute little town, but everything is mainly in that one little town and revolves around tourism. When we scooted all over the island, you can see there is very little population and not much on the rest of the island. It was nice, but I see no reason to return.

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