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Bridge at Hawkesberry

Power plant from ferry at Carillon

This was the longest day of the tour and I started behind the starting line since home is 9km from Carleton University. Actually I went downtown to link up with Bud's route and so only had a few kilometers more than the official distance. Still, by the end of the day I had ridden over 180km.

The day started dry as I headed down familiar routes to downtown, along Sussex Drive and onto the Rockcliffe Parkway. Then we headed through some of suburbia and headed to the Ottawa River. Our route took us essentially down the river on back roads to avoid highway 17. It drizzled and rained with varying intensity throughout the morning. At times I had full rain gear and at other times that made me too hot. I stopped for lunch in Hawkesbury before crossing the bridge and riding downriver on the Quebec side to catch the ferry back across the river at Carillon. By the time I had finished lunch the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing so I was able to finish the day riding in just shorts and a cycling jersey.

That's right we are now into our sixth province. It certainly seems like a long time ago that we crossed the Manitoba - Ontario border.

This was a galley duty day which is particularly tough on long days, since it is difficult to get to camp early to start cooking. We did perogies and coleslaw which is supposed to be easy, but nevertheless takes time with all the chopping. Cleanup seemed to take forever so I will be late getting to bed, but still have to get up early to cook breakfast. Oh well, another week without galley duty starts tomorrow 

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