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Here is the moon zoomed up as close as I can get...

And pulling back, not sure if that is a star or a...

It's been a slow relaxing couple of days. I finally have everything unpacked & ready to use for the next couple of months. Some things we just don't bother with if we're not staying put for awhile. There is a rule here at the campground about what you can have sitting around outside, so we took our inversion table over to Mom & Dad's. It is too large to set up permanently in the 5'er & since we're over there nearly everyday Larry can use it easily. In fact, Mom's back was killing her yesterday, so we even put her on the table for just one minute. Just long enough to fix her problem, she commented later! Made me just a bit nervous, watching as she started heading downhill, but she said she liked the sensation & it did the trick. Trust me, if Mom can do it, anyone can. I highly recommend you guys try one if you too suffer from neck, sciatic or back pain.

I picked Mom up & took her to the grocery store. That was an interesting time. We used a wheelchair with a basket attached to the front. We could not figure out how to get her onto the seat as the basket was in the way. I tied prying open what appeared to be a cotter pin, no luck. We asked 2 store employees, they didn't have any idea. Mom finally found instructions on the side of the chair. We were trying to lift the wrong side! Duh, must be a blonde thing! In the past Mom has always walked the store but it is just too tiring for her lately. In fact, she mentioned being exhausted when we were done & she hadn't taken one step! So guess that will be the norm from now on.

Larry and I did the laundry yesterday downtown as we had 5 loads including towels. We just wanted to knock it out quickly. There were 3 other guys there, no women. Guess from now on I'll send him alone! Sounds like a good plan to me. Afterward, we went to the house and brought the corned beef & cabbage with potatoes & carrots that I had cooking in the crockpot all day. We watched more of the summer Olympics, which we have been enjoying for the past few days. We made a dash for home during one of the commercials as it was getting late. We'll finish watching them at home.

When we arrived at the campground we had a view of a beautiful moon & puffy clouds. I took my trusty camera outside & tried to capture it. I didn't bother to set up the tripod, just tried to balance it on the side rail of the truck. So, they're ok. Good enough for a nice memory on down the road. To go with the many others!

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