Gems Wanderings 2008 travel blog

8.30 we departed, quite a nip to the air. Did a few stops as we headed down the coast to Barrytown.

Hope Saddle - short walk up to a look out point between marahau and murchison, took some photos of the green mountains around and off we went again.

Murchison - cafe stop.

Tauranga Bay at Cape Foulwind - short walk to a seal colony, didnt beat seeing the seals at Kairkoura tho!

Irimahuwhero view point and The Trueman Track in Paparoa National Park - another short walk this time down to beach where there were some interesting rock formations and mini waterfall. Quite a bleak day but atmospheric all the same in a good way.

Pancake Rocks and Blow Holes - walked around the track seeing pancake rocks and no holes being blown through, it was ok but not that impressed personaly.

An eventuall arrival at Barrytown, theres a beach here, maybe a handfull of houses i didnt see and the pub we stayed at. Tonight people on the bus usualy cross dress and drink in the pub, im guessing thats cos there aint much else to do here. But since there wanst many of us on the bus, we just drank instead, bit of a non eventfull night altho it still ended up being a bit confusing night. Was a cute lil black kitten there tho, which the barman suggested i bought off him. I did get chatting to one of the locals Rusty he was quite interesting talking about his wooden bouls he carves and how he doing some work in conjunction with Karen who we are doing the bone carving with tommorow. He said he goes along the beach and looks for greenstone when walking his dog and if the weather was nice he would go and if he found any would give it to me, which was nice of him. Oh there was also a weird german guy at the pub who had come back for his second time in the same trip to make a knife there. Bit odd and he was going to hitch a lift with us tommorow, lovely. Nah he was ok if a bit weird, and even gave the driver $40 for the lift which we got free beer with in Franz Josef.

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