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728 miles to go .....

These guys are on the move and headed home. They are currently in Jackson, Tennessee (another blip in the road!).

The ride wasn’t too bad today. A little light rain which they won’t complain about. They made a stop in Memphis at Graceland (and so did a lot of other people - it’s Elvis week!) But decided not to take the tour. So it was back on the trikes and up the road another 100 miles to Jackson, Tennessee. This choice will make the ride to Maggie Valley, North Carolina a little closer.

Frank never changed his watch to match all the time changes so he has no idea exactly what time it is! When they get close to Knoxville, Tennessee it’s back to EST.

An update from last night - Tommy won more than enough to buy gas for the remainder of the trip! Great at pool and lucky at cards - what a guy....

From what I hear these guys are ready to sleep in their own beds with their favorite pillows! I think the thrill of being on the road for three weeks has worn off. As for their doing their own laundry for the past three weeks - I wonder if those whites are still white?!

The only mishap today was one of Frank’s hubcaps flew off the bike in Norwood’s direction. No blood - just a bruise, I think.

Bud’s ready for another trip. I think he’ll be going alone. His buddies aren’t ready to ride again for a while.

The trikes need a good bath and wax. We’ll be getting bugs and tar off for weeks! I think Frank has a trike bath scheduled for Friday.

My estimate for driving miles is 5200. That doesn’t take into account all of the rides they did while they were in Sturgis. If you calculate those in they probably have covered more than 6000 miles in three weeks. That’s a lot of asphalt to cover.

That’s about all from the road. Two more days of clear skies and safe rides.

Until tomorrow . . .

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